Tasting Sugar Plum


A beautiful sight…

Sugar Plum bears the curse of the Fae. She is desired by many, but must wait to see if she is a chosen mate of the King. That’s why Jingle Belles is perfect – she can talk to as many men as she wants without consequence. And she’s found the perfect group to occupy her time.

We’re happy tonight…

Rudolph hates this time of year. Instead of getting festive, he spends his time working at Jingle Belles. Luckily, his three best friends work with him. And they’ve all been chatting with the same woman, which is kind of a turn-on.

Walking in a winter wonderland…

Sugar only has a short amount of time in the Realm of Humans. Will her harem of men leave her broken hearted, or will she melt in sugary joy?

**Contains Mature Themes**

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