Ruled by Power


A prophecy shall unravel what has been since the beginning of time. Old Gods will weep as their Beloveds fade. Only New Blood on the throne will restore balance to their World.

Zeus, Lord of the Sky, never met a woman he didn’t like – much to his wife’s dismay. After the prophecy from the Oracles he realizes there’s not enough time to make things right with his Queen. But the Fates are giving him a second chance.

Cursed by her Grandmother to die at the age of 30, Kaitlin Cross is living on borrowed time. On the eve of her 30th birthday she falls into the arms of a stranger and finds herself in the middle of a war.

With Zeus, Dionysus, and Apollo at her side, Kaitlin discovers the ability to change what is to be, but that power may be her undoing.

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