Sarah answers your burning questions here!

Note: Some answers may contain SPOILERS. Read at your own risk!


Q: Is it true that all of your books take place in the same universe? How does that work?

A: Yes, all of my books take place in the same universe, just at different times. Haha, I’m not sure if it DOES work, but I’ll try to explain. If you’ve read my books, you’ll notice that character show up in different places (easter eggs for readers). Grey, who is a main character in the Daisy books, also appears in Moonshine Baby and The Devil’s Regents Series. How? Because both books take place BEFORE the apocalypse. The Gods and Goddesses pop up in my superhero series, etc. In Fury (Saving Silver City, Episode 2), as the heroes are leaving earth, the Gods tease that there may be a time when they’re asked to return to save everyone and Alpha makes a joke about a zombie apocalypse.

Basically, it’s a large universe with a vast timeline. Anything is possible. Here’s an example. I’ll try to update it as I add to the universe!


Q: I just read Nikki’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse 2. Can you tell me why there was such a HUGE time gap between book 1 and 2? Why didn’t we get to see the war with Air?

A: Great question! The Nikki’s Guide series is a spin-off of my Daisy and the Dead Series. I knew I wanted to tell more about Elijah’s family (Dave), so I came up with Nikki’s Guide 1 while I was in the middle of Elijah and the New World. When I published Nikki’s Guide 1, I was already writing Daisy and the Beginning and Elijah and the End.

Now, Nikki’s Guide is definitely all about Nikki’s group fighting Air and his group, but at the time I wasn’t planning on writing another Nikki’s guide book. Since the Nikki characters barged into the Daisy world, it seemed fitting to have Daisy and Elijah’s help the characters fight the war, all in the name of family, an ongoing theme in the books. So, if you haven’t read the Daisy and the Dead Series, the War takes place in the last 2 books.

Here’s the big kicker – I truly didn’t expect readers to have such… emotional reactions to Noah dying in Elijah and the End. I can’t even count the emails/comments/messages I received. People wanted to know more. How did he die? How did Nikki and her group handle it? So, an idea formed, and that idea turned into Nikki’s Guide 2. That’s why there’s a time gap. I wanted readers to see how Nikki was handling Noah’s death. The journey the characters take in Nikki’s Guide 2 is a love letter to everyone who loved Noah. I wanted them to be able to have closure. Heck, I wanted Nikki to have closure, too.

Q: Will there be any more Daisy books? Sir/Elijah is everything!

A: Thank you! I’m partial to Elijah myself! To answer your question, at this time there are no plans for more Daisy and the Dead books. However, I DO have two books planned that tie in to the Daisy world. I can’t give too much away, but one of the books will feature Daisy and Elijah a LOT.

Q: Any more Santa books planned?

A: At this time, no.